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About us

Orterer Gatränkemärkte GmbH, Unterschleissheim

Among the leading manufacturers of eye shades in Slovenia

The company Grozdina senčila was founded in 2008 by Darko Grozdina with the aim of creating shades and products for a pleasant and economical stay in the premises. With our successful work to date, knowledge and experience, we have become one of the leading companies in the field of development, production and installation of modern sun protection systems in Slovenia.


Innovation, adaptability and friendliness

We are one of the most innovative, flexible and customer-friendly sun protection systems companies in our region.

  • Own development, production and assembly of products.
  • Many years of experience and knowledge.
  • Professionally qualified and friendly staff.
  • High quality products.
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Flexibility and offer of non-standard solutions

We build on knowledge, quality and trust

We are classified as a small company with high added value. With innovative approaches, we take advantage of all our knowledge and constantly upgrade it. In addition to modern technology and skills that enable us to provide quality products and services, we also take care of optimizing business processes. In our work, we take into account fundamental legal and ethical principles and promote care for the environment and sustainable development.

Grozdina senčila

Company data

Grozdina senčila, Darko Grozdina, s. p.
Cesta krških žrtev 135 c
8270 Krško
VATIN: SI19369204
RN: 3382567
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